About Us

  • It’s About Unforgettable Music Experiences

  • An idea conceived in Newcastle – a city famous for live music venues

  • It was 2015 and I had recently moved to Newcastle from my hometown. As a newcomer I didn’t know a lot of people in the city. And the people I did know, either weren’t into live music or didn’t have the same taste as me.


    So it often happened that when I wanted to go to an event, I didn’t have anyone to go with. That’s when it hit me – why not build an app or website to solve this problem?

  • Imagine you want to go to a music event or festival but you’re alone that day. So you use an app that connects you to other people heading to the same festival / event. You can chat with them and go to the event together. And who knows, you can end up making some great friends who share your taste in music.

  • What You Can Use Festival Head For

    With Festival Head you can:

    • See upcoming events

    • Buy tickets

    • Make and follow friends

    • Share / post memories

    • Share your love for live music

  • Once you create an free account, you can share pictures and videos of your event experiences.
    You can also follow friends through the site.

    Festival Head is about bringing the music community closer together.
    Your next night to remember may very well start here…

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